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How well do you know Taffy, Andi’s best equine friend? There were a great number of entries, but apparently, they were a little harder than I anticipated (even after giving you those book and chapter hints). Three contestants got 100%. Amelia, Ruth Anne, and Zoey. I drew a winner and it is Zoey. Congratulations! If you are an international winner, please let me know so I can choose another winner. I figure you internationals are having fun with the contest, even knowing I can’t ship outside the U.S.

The correct answers are in bold.

How well do you know Taffy?
  1. How old is Taffy when the Circle C Adventures series open? (Long Ride Home, chapter 7. Hint: Andi is nearly 12 years old in Long Ride Home)
    • A. almost four years old
    • B. almost five years old
    • C. almost six years old
  2. Andi received Taffy for which birthday? (Long Ride Home, chapter 7)
    • A. sixth birthday
    • B. eighth birthday
    • C. tenth birthday
  3. What are Taffy’s markings? (Long Ride Home, chapter 8)
    • A. a blaze and four white stockings
    • B. a blaze and four white socks
    • C. a stripe and three white socks
  4. What does Taffy do to show her extreme dislike of Felicity Livingston? (Long Ride Home, chapter 14)
    • A. She nips Felicity’s arm.
    • B. She runs away from Felicity
    • C. She throws then tramples Felicity
  5. How does Taffy show how well trained she is? (Dangerous Decision, chapter 15)
    • A. She waits patiently for Andi to mount her.
    • B. Andi can ride her without a bridle or reins.
    • C. She carries Virginia Foster when Andi asks her to.
  6. What does Taffy do that shocks Andi when they are caught in a thunderstorm? (Family Secret, chapter 15)
    • A. She refuses to allow Andi to mount her.
    • B. She throws Andi and then runs away.
    • C. She slips in the mud and they both go down.
  7. Which part of Taffy does Johnny Wilson supposedly snip and show to Andi? (Price of Truth, chapter 16)
    • A. her tail
    • B. her forelock
    • C. her mane
  8. Why is Andi shocked when she, Johnny, and Jack end up at the line shack? (Price of Truth)
    • A. Taffy has been mistreated.
    • B. Taffy is not there.
    • C. Taffy is tied up and shaking.
  9. How does Mr. Wilson use Taffy to threaten Andi into doing what he says? (Price of Truth, chapter 16)
    • A. He threatens Andi with never seeing Taffy again.
    • B. He threatens Andi with keeping Taffy for himself.
    • C. He threatens Andi with selling Taffy at auction.
  10. Why is Taffy in trouble during the foaling process? (Thick as Thieves)
    • A. She is foaling too soon.
    • B. The foal is turned the wrong way to be born.
    • C. She’s trying to birth twins.
  11. Why does Andi ride Taffy to school? (Thick as Thieves)
    • A. The colts are being weaned.
    • B. Taffy needs the exercise.
    • C. Justin is out of town and can’t drive her.
  12. When Andi tells Taffy to go home, how does Taffy respond? (Thick as Thieves, chapter 23)
    • A. She nuzzles Andi until she can get up and mount.
    • B. She stands guard over Andi.
    • C. She obeys and leads her colts home.
  13. What are the names of Taffy’s twins?
    • A. Shasta and Sunny
    • B. Shasta and Sunrise
    • C. Shasta and Sundown
  14. Which horse does Andi take in place of her beloved Taffy when she accompanies her brothers on a cattle drive? (Heartbreak Trail, chapter 6)
    • A. Pal
    • B. Dusty
    • C. Sultan
  15. Where is Taffy when she and Andi have their accident? (The Last Ride, chapter 17)
    • A. They are riding on a steep, narrow mountain trail.
    • B. They are riding along the edge of a deep draw.
    • C. They are crossing a deep ravine.
  16. How does Andi imagine Taffy after her accident? (The Last Ride, chapter 20)
    • A. Taffy has a broken leg, dozens of stitches, and is permanently lame.
    • B. Taffy’s injuries are infected, she’s hanging from a sling, and she’s weak.
    • C. Taffy is stitched up in a hundred different places, skinny from not eating, and hanging from a sling.
  17. What is the reality of Taffy’s injuries? (chapter 20)
    • A. two broken legs, deep, filthy cuts, trauma
    • B. a broken leg, with no way to haul her out of the draw
    • C. two broken legs, a head wound, and dozens of cuts
  18. Who promises Andi that Taffy would not be put down? (The Last Ride, chapter 20)
    • A. Justin
    • B. Chad
    • C. Mitch
  19. Which is your favorite book (or scene) featuring Taffy, and why is this your favorite?
    • I loved all of the answers you gave for this question.

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21 thoughts on “Taffy Character Quiz

  1. I don’t think the answers for number 3 are correct. I looked it up and they don’t match what I found in the book.🙂


    1. I’m not sure what you are asking. Sorry. If you are asking how do you know if you get the right answers, I post the answers when I announce the winner. 🙂 So, come back on . . . I think next Thursday (January 27) and you can see the answers and find out how many you got right.


    1. It doesn’t come right out and say it, but it’s the backflash of when Andi got Taffy that will help find the answer. And it’s chapter 7 of the anniversary (blue cover) Long Ride Home. The original might have the backflash in chapter 6.


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