A Bittersweet Tale

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I (Mrs. M) love to hear how Andi’s many adventures (both good and not-so-good) gallop their way into readers’ lives. I was touched by this true story and hope you will be too. (Get your handkerchiefs.)

From Rebekah about her horse, Sedona, January 2017

Hi, I wanted to write and tell you how big an impact your book, The Last Ride, had on my life. I love Andi. I like to think I am like her, I don’t know. My friend who LOVES the Andrea Carter books has a younger sister who tells me I look like Andi. I guess my hair is brown and long and my eyes are blue. But still. I am a huge horse person! 
I’ve been riding since I was four. I’m sixteen now. I’ve trained several horses and really done a lot with horses. My life is kind of centered around them. I love reading, I am the type of person that gets really “connected” with the characters. I “feel” their emotions. When Taffy died, I cried right along with Andi. And I remember thinking how terrible that was and how I’d never want to lose one of my own horses. I read that book [The Last Ride] in September. 


In October, I did lose my best friend. My three-year-old Quarter horse mare. I raised her from the time she was five months old. I trained her myself. Sedona was really special. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. She’d always meet me at the gate. She was so willing and calm. I would have trusted her with my life. I’d put my five- and three-year-old nieces up on her bareback and lead them around on her. She loved to go do things together and go for rides. Whenever I caught another horse she’d follow me to the gate and stand, watching me. We shared a special bond. She was the first horse I’ve ever experienced something like that with, and I pray she will not be the last. 

I’m sorry for making it so long. I just wanted to say thank you for that book. Even though I was upset (I’m the type of person that wants to throw the book across the room when a character dies) when Taffy died, I realize now that maybe the Lord was using it. It is so hard to trust Him sometimes. But I know His plan is better and I find peace knowing He’s got it all in His hands. 

With love, Rebekah (I have a boy nickname too; Reuben)

P.S. How did Sedona die? Unexpectedly. It was a tragic accident during a routine tacking up. She was tied up and another horse got under her neck. She freaked and somehow went to ground. She may have hit her head or broken her neck. The vet said it could also have been a freak aneurysm. Sad and heart-breaking, much like Andi’s experience. We are never prepared, it seems, for the unexpected. 

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13 thoughts on “A Bittersweet Tale

  1. Oh Rebekah…that’s awful. It’s so sad to lose someone (yes I think of horses and dogs as ‘someone’s’) you love especially when you have that kind of bond with them but it’s amazing at the same time how God used Mrs.Ms book to help you deal with the loss. I can tell Sedona took a piece of you with him but he left a piece of himself with you to.

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  2. Oh Rebekah! I’m so sorry… I can’t believe how horrible that would be. You have my full sympathy. 😦



  3. Sniff. So sad. But Coleenlreece has a point. It’s good that you had the awesome time you had with your horse. I have a horse named Feather, and don’t think I could ever part with him. Then again, he is 20 years old, but a Morgan. Morgan’s tend to live longer. I wish I had more time with Feather. 😦 But I am thankful of the time I DO have with him!

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  4. Thank-you so much for this Rebekah and Susan! I don’t have a horse, but still love them, and can imagine the pain. 😦 And yes the part where Taffy dies was heart-wrenching! So thanks!

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  5. Oh, my goodness! I’m so sorry! I can’t imagine losing my mare, Lilah! But it is still so amazing how God uses things we would never expect!

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