Virginia Character Quiz Winner

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I am blown away by how many entries came in. Over 30 . . . the most ever. Thanks for playing. Out of these 30, eight received 100%. Here is a very strange thing. Another twelve entries (that only missed one) all missed the same question #8. So, I scratched my head and thought it might be a valid answer, but I couldn’t find any specific places in the book to support the other answer. If no one had gotten 100% (and eight did, which is quite a few) then I would have allowed both A and C to be the answers to #8. Scroll down and read the correct answers. Then . . . vote for the character quiz you would like me to host next month. You can give ideas for prizes too, but I don’t guarantee I’ll honor them.

Anyway, I cut out and folded eight small pieces of paper with eight names. Then, Kristi randomly mixed them up and drew out the scrap with the winner’s name on it. Thanks for your help, Kristi. Sage N. is the winner. Congratulations! Contact me ASAP with your mailing address and your choice of prize.

After reading the answers (in bold), choose one of these characters that you would like me to present for next month’s character quiz. Please vote for only one in the comments. Thanks.

  1. Mitch Carter
  2. Melinda Carter
  3. Justin Carter
  4. Daniel Carter
  5. Cory Blake
  6. Jed Hatton

How well do you know Virginia Foster?
  1. When does Andi see Virginia for the first time?
    • A. when Mr. Foster comes to Justin’s office to sign his contract.
    • B. when Virginia informs Andi that the seat she is sitting in belongs to her.
    • C. when the class turns around and Virginia is at the top of the stairs.
  2. What is the name of Virginia’s older sister?
    • A. Grace
    • B. Anne
    • C. Beth
  3. What color are Virginia’s hair and eyes?
    • A. dirty blond hair, blue eyes
    • B. white-blond hair, gray eyes
    • C. golden-blond hair, brown eyes
  4. What frightens Virginia so badly that she runs screaming out of her seat?
    • A. She sits down on a tack Jack Goodwin placed on her seat.
    • B. She discovers Cory’s snake in her desk.
    • C. Johnny Wilson drops a lizard on her desktop.
  5. Which Circle C horse takes Virginia on an unforgettable ride when the Foster family visits the Circle C one Saturday afternoon?
    • A. Taffy
    • B. Whirlwind
    • C. Pal
  6. Which musical instrument does Virginia play well?
    • A. piano
    • B. violin
    • C. flute
  7. Virginia’s silly showing off causes which Circle C horse to escape his corral?
    • A. Prince Loco
    • B. Whirlwind
    • C. Shadow
  8. Which character trait does Virginia show most often?
    • A. helplessness
    • B. bashfulness
    • C. deceitfulness (She lies about being able to ride a horse; She lies about the fight in the schoolyard, just to name two.)
  9. . Why does Andi knock Virginia down and sit on her?
    • A. Virginia slaps Andi.
    • B. Virginia calls Andi a “dirty little beggar.”
    • C. Virginia pulls Andi’s hair.
  10. When Andi apologizes for knocking Virginia down, Virginia forgives her.
    • A. true
    • B. false
  11. What causes Virginia to leap from her seat and call out for her father?
    • A. She sees Jed being cruel to her father.
    • B. She is afraid of the pistol Jed is waving around.
    • C. She is terrified when she sees her father leave the classroom.
  12. What does Virginia usually do when she’s upset?
    • A. She cries and faints.
    • B. She throws up.
    • C. She pitches a fit.
  13. What does Virginia do when Andi comes back to school after her ordeal?
    • A. She throws her arms around Andi and starts crying.
    • B. She runs into the schoolhouse.
    • C. She turns her back on Andi and ignores her.
  14. What does Andi offer Virginia at the end of the story?
    • A. She offers to teach Virginia how to ride a horse.
    • B. She offers to share her story of being kidnapped and rescued.
    • C. She offers to be best friends with Virginia.
  15. How much time passes before Virginia comes out to the ranch?
    • A. one week
    • B. two weeks
    • C. three weeks
  16. What does Virginia wear for her riding lesson?
    • A. the latest style in riding habits
    • B. a bulky, ages-old riding habit (She wears it in anticipation for her lesson but never gets on the horse with it.)
    • C. a sensible split skirt and blouse (Andi gives Virginia a sensible SKIRT and blouse, but not a SPLIT skirt)
  17. On which Circle C horse does Virginia receive her first official riding lesson?
    • A. Panda
    • B. Taffy
    • C. Pal
  18. What does Virginia do when she sees the herd of horses racing toward her?
    • A. She squeals and freezes.
    • B. She shrieks and kicks her horse.
    • C. She screams and falls off her horse.
  19. Who rescues Virginia from the runaway herd of horses?
    • A. Andi
    • B. Chad
    • C. Mitch
  20. Andi agrees to take over Virginia’s teaching position because . . .
    • A. Virginia is getting married.
    • B. Virginia has come down with influenza.
    • C. Virginia has had an accident and sprained her ankle.

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I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

64 thoughts on “Virginia Character Quiz Winner

  1. Yay! another character quiz!

    Umm, It says at the top that the quiz runs from the 23rd to the 30th (Winners announced the 31st) but them you scroll down and it says that it runs from March 17th to March 24st (Winner announced March 25)


  2. Oh boy. I am not good at character quizzes! (Much less with Virginia Foster!) I will have to try hard. -Puts on brave face- Let’s do this!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My vote is for Jed Hatton because Dangerous Decision is my favorite book. Mrs. Marlow, is the prize for Virginia Foster quiz going to be the same for the next quiz?


  4. I was asked to list the 8 winners (those who got 100%). I found my scrap of paper where I record everyone’s responses. It seems the 8 would know who they are when they check the answers, but hey, here you go! These are the official winners, those who picked “C” for #8, which is the true answer. There are about 15 others who chose “A” for #8, and that was the only one they missed.

    Jenny Clark
    Maddie G.
    Sage N.
    Danielle N.
    Anna Parks
    Rachel Scott
    Ella Grace

    Please don’t ask me to look up your email with your answers to remind you what you wrote. There are over 30 emails and they are all smashed together in a “Virginia” contest folder. It’s very confusing to go through them yet another time. I carefully check each answer one by one when I am scoring them.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I think that a Mitch Carter or Cory Blake contest would be fun. I would also like to see a Lucy Carter contest sometime. And maybe an Ellie Carter one too.
    ~Anna Elizabeth


  6. Any of those people would be great to do a character quiz on. As for prizes, you could do the winners choice of any (singular) item that you sell.


    1. Well, one of the “single” items is a curriculum bundle which is like $90. That is not going to work for a prize.
      But maybe I could do a list and winner’s choice could come from the pre-approved list. 🙂


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