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My author friend, Donna, is an Andi fan, a great writer herself, and also helps judge our various contests. The rights to one of her kids’ series was returned and she wants to publish the books up on Amazon. I am helping her edit and designing the covers. Donna writes primarily for the Catholic homeschool market, but her mystery books are really good, even if you are not Catholic. She wrote Andi’s Christmas Mystery one year when I needed a Christmas story.

Anyway, friends, you know what we need, don’t you? We need you to vote on which cover “pops” for you. I created cover #1, which Donna loves, but then when I created cover #2, I liked the colors, so now she doesn’t know which one to choose! So, she was excited to let you guys give her a hand. Which cover do you like best? Cover #1 (Dark) or Cover #2 (Gold) Leave your vote and why you prefer it in the comments below, and let’s help out an author who faithfully helps me judge my contests every time I ask her.

Maggie and Em are eleven-year-old identical twin girls living during the depression. They solve mysteries. Book 1 is about a treasure hidden away and they are determined to find it, so Papa doesn’t have to keep traveling and looking for work. The girls want to settle down and live in one place.

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

51 thoughts on “Cover Votes for a Friend

  1. #1 Dark looks much more mysterious. An idea is to put the girls on the front cover in different hairdos/clothes. So then they look more like twins and not the same person, but this is of course if it doesn’t say in the book that they always match. Just thinking at loud here. Good luck on your book!

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  2. I really like the sun peaking out behind the statue in the first one, but I also really like the gold in the second. Just an idea (and if it does not look good, don’t do it), maybe you could combine the two. Both look great as they are though.

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  3. I love the sun peeking out from the statue but the cover seems rather empty with just sky. I’m not sure if there’s anything you could add without ruining the silhouette but I think it would look nicer with a little more detail. It sill looks great though.

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  4. I like them both a lot but I think #1 because of the title. It’s the secret of Madona so the dark is giving the impression of hiding whatever the secret might be and making me want to discover it for myself vs the light to some degree making me go “oh there it is right there don’t even need to read it” (that’s a little dramatic but pretty much my first impression lol).
    Just some input from an avid reader/writer who’s def into mysteries!

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