“Not Yet!”


No! Minnie Mae has not yet foaled. However, take a look at these two videos. She’s getting mighty restless, and Kristi (who will choose the name she likes best from your suggestions in the next . . . well . . . who knows when?) is on foal watch, as is Beauty the cat.

Here is why nobody could sleep last night in the barn for very long. She is so restless. Kristel is sad that nobody (except Kristi) is interested. They are all TIRED of hearing about this mare and her delivery (or lack thereof). I told Kristel, “See? Now you know how Andi felt when she ran inside the house every time Taffy twitched, and Melinda got so sick of it!” (Thick as Thieves) LOL


By the way, I have written down all of your names through next weekend, so nobody can change their guess at this point in the game.

Just thought you might get a kick out of an update since some of you keep asking “HOW IS MINNIE MAE?” The answer: “She is NOT fine, thank you. She is miserable.”

I will post any videos Kristel sends regarding the foaling and new baby. Please pray things go well. She’s very concerned because mini-foals are sometimes not strong enough to break out of their sacks by themselves, so she wants to be on hand and pray that Minnie was NOT bred by a full-sized stallion! (Can you even imagine?) She is a rescue so nobody knows anything about the sire.

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I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

15 thoughts on ““Not Yet!”

  1. I guess it will be a surprise color of the foal! Unless he\she is Mini Mae’s color, brown. At least at the moment, Lol! And wow, three posts in a day!

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  2. Awe, poor Minnie Mea!! Praying it all goes well!

    One time when my Sister’s horse was getting ready to foal my sister spent every second with her and they left to go get food or something and when they came back there was a little foal!! Sometimes horses just need to be alone for a little bit to have there ‘privacy’ to foal. 🙂

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