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And the winner is . . . KYRA J. Congratulations, Kyra. Although she missed one of the questions, she did answer the Bonus Question correctly, and that allowed her to be included in the 100% entry “pot” from which a random winner was chosen.

By popular request, here are the winners who got 100% on their answers (first list) and those who missed one but got the bonus question correct so qualified for the 100% drawing (second list).

  • 100%
  • Emma A.
  • Jenny C.
  • Hannah C.
  • Sara M.
  • Sophie T.
  • Samantha S.
  • Naomi F.
  • Abby B.
  • Lily J.
  • Natalie L.
  • missed 1 but got bonus question
  • Amber B.
  • Jalaena E.
  • Danielle N.
  • Kyra J.

Next month: Wednesday, August 17. Stay tuned for a character quiz about Melinda. I already have it up and scheduled, but if you want to give me input for September’s quiz, “vote” in the comments: Justin, Johnny Wilson, or Daniel Carter.


Since we are right in the middle of the summer writing contest, I want to choose a prize that is different from the writing contest prizes. It’s July, so . . . a Circle C hat to keep the sun out of your eyes sounds like a winner. To show you the hat really does work, here is my faithful model Ellie with their tobiano paint mare Lacey.

How well do you know Jenny Grant?

I have given you the name of the book (or short story) where you can find the answer to each question. And yes, you may look up all of the questions. Keep in mind, though, that if there is a difference between what you read on the character tab (on the blog) and the actual book, well, the character tab is wrong. The books have the correct answers.

  1. In which city does Andi first meet Jenny Grant? (SF Smugglers)
    • A. Fresno
    • B. San Francisco
    • C. Sacramento
  2. What are Jenny’s physical features? (SF Smugglers)
    • A. fiery-red curly hair, brown eyes, freckles
    • B. fiery-red straight hair, brown eyes, pale skin
    • C. fiery-red curly hair, blue eyes, freckles
  3. How many brothers and sisters does Jenny have? (SF Smugglers)
    • A. Four brothers and one sister
    • B. Four older brothers and one younger brother
    • C. Five older brothers
  4. What is the occupation of the Grant family? (SF Smugglers)
    • A. shipmasters
    • B. shipbuilders
    • C. sawmill owners
  5. Where is Jenny from? (SF Smugglers)
    • A. Tacoma, Washington
    • B. Seattle, Washington
    • C. Portland, Oregon
  6. How long has Jenny been at Miss Whitaker’s Academy before Andi arrives? (SF Smugglers)
    • A. since last fall
    • B. since Christmas
    • C. since the start of the spring term
  7. What is Jenny especially good at doing? (SF Smugglers)
    • A. riding sidesaddle in Golden Gate park
    • B. climbing any tree
    • C. playing cat’s cradle
  8. How does Jenny know the meaning of the word “shanghaied”? (SF Smugglers)
    • A. Her father explained it to keep her safe when they were near the waterfront.
    • B. Loggers were occasionally shanghaied along the Puget Sound waterfronts.
    • C. Her brother Eli almost got shanghaied.
  9. Why does Jenny offer to climb the unsteady barrel-and-crate tower first to escape the warehouse? (SF Smugglers)
    • A. She is the braver of the two American girls.
    • B. She’s scared and wants to get out of there the quickest.
    • C. She is the tallest of the four trapped girls.
  10. Why does Andi call Jenny “rude” when the girls are trying to get back to Pacific Heights? (SF Smugglers)
    • A. She asks if Freddy is going to lend them money for the cable car.
    • B. She refuses to mount the horse Freddy has found for them.
    • C. She tells Freddy they don’t need his help.
  11. When Jenny stays with Andi on holiday, who is the first person Andi introduces her to? (Trouble with Treasure)
    • A. Jack Goodwin
    • B. Cory Blake
    • C. Johnny Wilson
  12. What does Jenny wear on the two-week trek into the hills to visit the Carters’ lumber camp? (Trouble with Treasure Chapter 4)
    • A. a plaid shirt and a pair of Andi’s extra overalls
    • B. a plaid shirt, denim jeans, and cowboy boots
    • C. a plaid shirt, Mitch’s cut-off trousers, and suspenders
  13. What activity does Jenny think is total foolishness? (Trouble with Treasure)
    • A. squatting in a freezing creek to pan gold
    • B. fishing from a creek that doesn’t seem to hold any fish
    • C. riding horseback through wild country to visit a lumber camp that she can see any day of the week back home
  14. How does Jenny get a huge bump on her head? (Trouble with Treasure)
    • A. She falls off her horse on the trail.
    • B. She hits her head on the ground.
    • C. Her horse kicks her in the head.
  15. What part does Jenny play in helping a badly injured Mitch? (Trouble with Treasure)
    • A. She holds the lantern and gives Andi her bandana.
    • B. She helps Cory rip the heavy fabric of Mitch’s trousers.
    • C. She keeps a basin full of fresh water to wash Mitch’s wound.
  16. Which of Jenny’s brother once got cut up badly in a logging accident? (Trouble with Treasure)
    • A. Gideon
    • B. Micah
    • C. Eli
  17. What does Jenny find under the bunk when she’s searching the cabin for supplies? (Trouble with Treasure)
    • A. plenty of flour, sugar, coffee, and lard
    • B. sacks of bank money
    • C. a stash of weapons
  18. Which of Jenny’s brothers is the nearest to her in age? (“Where the Trees Meet the Bay”)
    • A. Gideon
    • B. Micah
    • C. Eli
  19. Where do Jenny and her siblings like to swim? (“Where the Trees Meet the Bay”)
    • A. Lake Washington
    • B. Green River
    • C. Puget Sound
  20. What sea creatures do Jenny and her family enjoy eating? (“Where the Trees Meet the Bay”)
    • A. crabs
    • B. clams
    • C. salmon

Bonus Question (new!) If for some reason you miss one of the questions above, you can regain your 100% score (and make it into the drawing) by answering this two-part bonus question. Answer is found in the new book Stranger in the Glade.

Whom does Jenny Grant marry, and what is the name of their child? She marries Cory Blake and their child is Celia (or Cissy).

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