Colton Gets His Hooves Picked

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I know you all like to see little updates on Colton, the half-mini/half-full-sized foal you named last June 6, when he was born.

Learning to stand still for the farrier is one of the most important disciplines a young horse can learn. Colton is not yet four months and the two Ross cowgirls, Susie and Kristi, demonstrate what a gentlemen our little colt is. I mention this important skill in Thick as Thieves, when Andi is working overtime to train her two colts, Shasta and Sunny.

Andi drew alongside Shasta. “I’m going to pick up your foot, so stand still,” she warned her colt. Sliding her hand firmly along Shasta’s front leg, she gave him the signal to lift his foot.

“He obeys well,” Melinda said. “You’ve been working hard on his training.”

“Nothing annoys Jake more than a skittish horse during shoeing,” Andi replied, scraping the pick along the colt’s hoof. “I heard him scorch Hector last week when he had to replace a shoe.” She cringed at the memory. Hector’s horse had danced all over the place, just missing the ranch’s farrier with a swift kick. “My colts are never going to give Jake trouble.”

~Chapter 11, Thick as Thieves

Here is Colton’s most-recent 1-minute video. You can see more videos by subscribing to the Circle C YouTube channel.

By the way, I have a Fan Fiction Friday planned for October 21. If anyone is interested in sharing their fan fiction, send them in before then. I have two stories already, but am happy to highlight a couple more. Happy writing! If you are new to fan fiction, go here to see how to submit your stories >>

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14 thoughts on “Colton Gets His Hooves Picked

  1. Hi Katie Moen! If you happen to see this comment (which i hope you will) i wanted to let you know that I left a comment for you and so did Sara M and Tori Huber on ‘Aunt Rebecca and the Hat.’ 😉


  2. Colten sure is beautiful! He grew really fast! I never knew horses were allowed to eat marshmallows. Will he be able to ride at 3 years old?


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