Justin Carter Character Quiz

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CAIA O. IS THE WINNER OF THE JUSTIN QUIZ. (I used Random.org to choose the winner out of 16 entries.)

Since everybody likes to know who got 100%, here you go. There were 16 entries with 100%. Many got 100% because they answered the bonus question correctly but missed one of the main questions. Either way, 16 100% entries out of a total of 25 entries is a good showing. Thanks for playing! The (bonus) means they missed one of the questions but got the bonus right. If you want to know which “one” you missed, scroll down for the correct answers. If you don’t see your name here, you missed two or more of the answers.

  • Katie M. (bonus)
  • Emma A (bonus)
  • Hannah F. (bonus)
  • Daisy J. (bonus)
  • Sara M.
  • Hannah C.
  • B. F. (bonus)
  • Caio O. (bonus)
  • Ruth Ann F. (bonus)
  • Jenny C.
  • Ellie B.
  • Jalaena E.
  • Sophie T. (bonus)
  • Lily Johnson
  • Madison M. (bonus)
  • Heidi J. (bonus)


Winner receives this mini-prize packet. (Note: for my growing number of international fans who are feeling left out, you will win one audio book as a digital download.)

  • Milestones magnet
  • a bar of horse-printed natural soap
  • “Buckin'” gummy bears candy

How well do you know Justin Carter?

I have given you the name of the book where you can find the answer to each question. And yes, you may look up all of the questions. (Please don’t ask me to also give you the chapter where you can find the answer. That is why I give you the book name. You can look these things up yourself.) You can also find some of the answers under the character tabs or the timeline.

  1. What “pet name” does Justin use for his youngest sister? (all books)
    • A, sweetheart
    • B. honey
    • C. love
  2. On which street in Fresno is Justin’s law office located? (Dangerous Decision)
    • A. Mariposa Street
    • B. J Street
    • C. Tulare Street
  3. In which two cities does Justin maintain law offices? (San Francisco Smugglers)
    • A. Fresno and San Diego
    • B. Fresno and San Francisco
    • C. Fresno and Sacramento
  4. What gift has Justin given to his younger sisters on their tenth birthdays (or twelfth if you have the original edition)? (Family Secret)
    • A. a locket
    • B. a trip to San Francisco
    • C. a pocket watch
  5. What is the name of Justin’s legal clerk? (Price of Truth)
    • A. Matthew Powers
    • B. Peter Wilson
    • C. Tim O’Neil
  6. Whom does Justin end up marrying? (Thick as Thieves)
    • A. Abigail Turner
    • B. Ellianna Coulter
    • C. Lucinda Hawkins
  7. Where do Justin and his wife hold their wedding reception? (Thick as Thieves)
    • A. Fresno House
    • B. Palace Hotel
    • C. Circle C Ranch
  8. In what month is Justin’s son born? (The Last Ride, Courageous Love)
    • A. September
    • B. October
    • C. November
  9. Which man has Justin defended in a court of law? (Dangerous Decision)
    • A. Jed Hatton
    • B. Tomaso Procopio Rodendo
    • C. Troy Swanson
  10. Which man has Justin prosecuted in a court of law? (Courageous Love)
    • A. Jed Hatton
    • B. Tomaso Procopio Rodendo
    • C. Troy Swanson
  11. What did Justin do one time when he learned that his brother Chad was in jail? (The Last Ride)
    • A. He waited until morning before doing anything.
    • B. He immediately bailed his brother out of jail.
    • C. He went to town right away to investigate the charges.
  12. Which word best describes Justin’s temperament? (all books)
    • A. bossy
    • B. irritable
    • C. patient
  13. What is the name and breed of Justin’s horse? (Courageous Love)
    • A. Lightning, buckskin
    • B. Thunder, bay
    • C. Caesar, bay
  14. Chad picks out a painting for Mother’s birthday, but Justin picks it up and packs it home. What does Justin ask Andi regarding this gift? (Price of Truth)
    • A. “How much money are you able to contribute for the gift?”
    • B. “Would you please wrap it for Mother when we get home?”
    • C. “Would you like your name included on the gift?”
  15. What does Justin bring Andi after her “accident” on Taffy, hoping to dispel her gloom? (The Last Ride, ch.21)
    • A. her favorite confection
    • B. a stack of new dime novels
    • C. a new Jules Verne novel
  16. Why does Justin ask Andi to stay with Lucy while he’s away in San Francisco? (Courageous Love)
    • A. Lucy is ill and needs Andi’s help with the house and with baby Samuel.
    • B. Justin wants to keep Andi away from any more suspicious ranch mishaps.
    • C. Lucy has specifically asked that Andi come visit with her.
  17. What does little Sammy call Justin? (Courageous Love)
    • A. Daddy
    • B. Papa
    • C. Father
  18. What does Justin name his baby girl? (Courageous Love)
    • A. Anna Grace
    • B. Amelia Grace
    • C. Andrea Grace
  19. What is Justin’s role on Andi’s wedding day? (Courageous Love)
    • A. He makes sure no mishaps occur on this special day.
    • B. He walks her down the stairs and to Riley.
    • C. He and Mother stand up with Andi at the altar.
  20. What secret must Andi not tell Justin? (Courageous Love)
    • A. that Riley has spoken to Justin about courting Andi
    • B. that the family has planned a surprise party for Justin
    • C. that his wife and baby son have been kidnapped

Bonus Question. Getting this question right is your safety net in case you miss one of the questions above. You can still be counted as 100%.

What are the first and middle names of Justin’s two children? Samuel James and Andrea Grace

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