Look-alike Fun Winner

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This is the original Look-a-like Fun post. I loved all of the pictures that came in for Round One. (Eighteen pictures in all were submitted.) The winner was #4, Patience W. (Rosa). She chose Trouble at the Line Shack as her prize (the book of your choice).

Let’s keep this look-a-like post going and have a second round of character look-a-likes, with the same prize (book of your choice). Go here for Look-a-like Fun Round Two >> Submit your look-a-like picture (with your first name, age, and the character you are modeling) to CircleCAdventures@gmail.com


#4 “Rosa” (Patience) is the winner, choosing Trouble at the Line Shack.

Sample Ideas


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I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

272 thoughts on “Look-alike Fun Winner

  1. Great! I’ll send my picture in as soon as I can. Just wondering can I send pictures of my brother and sisters? They haven’t read the books yet.But they would make good charaters. Just wondering how do I send the pictures to the blog?


  2. I have a question I sent you some look alike photos last year to be put on the blog but they never were can I resend them to you to put on this post.


    1. That’s too bad, but good thing I’m putting on a “new” round of look-a-like characters. I ALWAYS confirm via an email reply that I received your pictures. If you never hear back from me, that means I never got the pictures. So sorry! Send them to the Email in the post, the CircleCAdventures email.


      1. You sent me a email last year saying that you would post them on the blog but I can resend them if you would like.


      2. Well, bummer. Was it part of this “look a like” post or something different and just sending for fun?
        If you sent them “for fun” then they are probably in my Andi’s Blog file, but eeks! I would have no clue where. That folder is an absolute disorganized mess. So, yes, I would really love it if you sent the picture again. I bet when I see it I will do a head slap on myself. LOL


      3. I probably saw them back then, but since I had no permission to show them on the blog, I probably kept them in an archive somewhere.
        If you send them again (which assumes you give permission to have them on the blog), I will include them on this new round.


    1. You mean . . . of yourself? Or of your various siblings? You can each enter as one character, but only one of each, if that makes sense.
      You can’t send me three poses of you being Melinda, Andi, etc. Just one. But your siblings can dress up and each be a character too.


  3. My two younger sibs are 8 and 5 but can I put them on the blog? I might have asked this qestion before but I don’t remember where.


      1. If you do a random drawing I think it’s fair for Brianna to enter. After all, she was one of the few who did what they were supposed to and entered their picture before the time was over. LOL!!!


      2. EVERYBODY did what they were supposed to do and entered their pictures before the deadline, so I’m not sure why you’re saying Brianna is “one of the few.” There were only four pictures for weeks, until I brought it back to everyone’s attention and set a deadline. Then everybody sent in their pictures before last Friday’s 5pm deadline (all 18 of you). So . . . what’s with saying “one of the few”? I’m stumped. The new round two is a spur of the moment thing since everybody had fun the first time. Every time I repost a blog post, new viewers see them and they want to get on the fun too.


    1. You can do any character you think resembles you. I don’t “need” a Jenny Grant, but if you want to do one and somebody has the reddish hair, go for it. I wasn’t sure what you meant by “needing” a Jenny Grant. πŸ™‚


  4. I was wondering when the next audio short story would go out so i went on the audio stories page. I don’t know if this is a mistake or not, but Hurrah for the Fourth of July is out. It is October, but i thought there would be a post about it…


    1. The early bird gets the worm, Brianna. πŸ™‚ There is indeed a post about it, next Monday, but I will be out of town so I decided to put it up on the static page, and I figured those who lurk and browse on the blog will get a nice surprise. The rest will learn about it on Monday.


    1. I’m glad it downloaded okay for you. πŸ™‚ “Safari” doesn’t let you download stuff, so you must have a different browser like Chrome or Edge. They work great. Not sure how Firefox works with downloading. Enjoy!


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