A Colt and a Filly

Believe this if you will. Kristel and I were up all night long. Both mares delivered within six hours of each other! This is so unusual and we are dead tired, but I wanted to announce the entries that qualify for the drawing (those who guessed right on the day).

  1. Jewels foaled a sweet little filly at 10:20pm last night, March 26, 2023
  2. Scarlett foaled a huge colt at 4:20am this morning, March 27, 2023

This post will focus on the “Guess the Date” entries/winners. Tomorrow’s post will focus on the “Guess the Coloring” winners, although after you see the pictures, I’m sure you will already know which color Jewels had. I will also bring you videos of everything this week, but I’m too tired to do that for today’s post.

Plus, later in the week, we will do a “Name Scarlett’s Foal” contest. Jewels’s foal is “Taffy” since she is a petite filly.


First of all, extra kudos go to Ashely Lowry. She guessed both dates right on (Jewels March 26 and Scarlett March 27). Go figure. So she gets a “go” at both drawings.

Four entries chose March 26 for Jewels (if I missed you, find your entry and bring it to my attention via a screen shot by email). I will hold off on the drawing until I make sure I got everyone listed. There were so many entries!

  1. Ashley Lowry
  2. Genevieve
  3. Tori’s younger sister, Ellie (winner)
  4. Natalie C.

Two entries chose March 27 for Scarlett (same note as above. If you feel I missed seeing your entry and it was March 27, do a screen shot or something of your entry and email me).

  1. Ashley Lowry (winner)
  2. Natalie L.

The Gallery – Jewels and Taffy

Introducing Taffy. She has three white stockings and a white blaze, and is a little lady in all regards. Quiet, content, and super sweet! Yes, okay, you guessed it. She is a dark palomino right now. But she will turn golden palomino in a year. Her tail is so long (like her daddy Rubicon). I love her!

The Gallery – Scarlett and “Colt”

Introducing the “big guy.” He has no name yet (you guys get to name him later on. Do not offer names here). He is Scarlett’s palomino colt. He is pure palomino, and lighter than Taffy, with no white markings (that we can see y et). But hey, he’s not even an hour old in these pictures so things could change. Rubicon is his father, like Taffy’s sire, but the little colt is three times the size of Taffy! Rubicon is 16 hh and Scarlett is 15 hh so it makes sense.

Reminder: I will pick the winner later this week. We are so glad it’s over and the foals are healthy, nursing, and livin’ the life!

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21 thoughts on “A Colt and a Filly

  1. Aww, that’s amazing! Prais God for a good and safe delivery! I hope you and your daughter can have some rest now! When did Jewel’s PH drop? Or was it sudden?

    I can’t wait to name the colt! (It feels Ironic since I brought up this exact scenario on the guess the color contest XD)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww, glad they both delivered safe and sound!
    That is so cool that they are both Palomino’s! 🐎
    Cute, adorable, and sweet pics!πŸ₯°


  3. They are so cute! If Taffy had one more stocking, she would be exactly like Andi’s Taffy! But, oh well, this Taffy’s still so cute!


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