“Taffy” Filly Color Guessing Winner

There were four color possibilities for Jewels’s foal, if you remember. See post >>

Six entries guessed “palomino,” the smaller of the odds, and they guessed correctly!

  1. Jasmine
  2. Tori
  3. Daisy
  4. Heidi J.
  5. Brooks
  6. Tymber

JASMINE is the winner (since I have only one prize to award). She has 48 hours to reply to my email and then I’ll move on to the next winner. Congratulations!

Taffy is a palomino filly with three white stockings, one white sock, and one unusual blaze on her head/nose. She’s not very big, considering her sire is Rubicon (16 hh). But her dam is Jewels, and she is a 14 hh quarter horse so it makes sense. Also, Jewels was a maiden mare (first timer) so that might have been a factor.

Here are the two winners of the foal guessing dates. (the contestants are on yesterday’s post). They have 48 hours to reply to my email and then I will draw another name. Thanks for playing! So many entries!

  1. Jewels’s date guess: March 26, 2023 – Tori’s younger sister, Ellie
  2. Scarlett’s date guess: March 27, 2023 – Ashley L.

Scroll down to see a little video I put together for you guys so you can feel part of the foaling. It was a long, long, long night. We finished up with Jewels and Taffy (making sure she could stand, nurse, and use the bathroom okay) and that Jewels had passed her placenta. That ended at 2:30 am. Then at 4 am, Kristel got me back out there for Scarlett and “colt.” I never went to bed after that, because it took until about 6 am. That’s daylight!


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18 thoughts on ““Taffy” Filly Color Guessing Winner

    1. I’m deleting these as putting links into comments can sometimes lead to places I’d prefer no one goes. If too many people put in links, I will disable that feature. I like to reserve it for my commenting when needed. Thanks!

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      1. Congratulations, Jasmine!

        What will you do with the colt and filly, Mrs. M?
        Also you said no links, so does that mean we also can’t have our blogs linked to our names in the comments?


      2. We’re not sure. She might keep them and sell some of her other horses. Depends on how easy it is to train the new arrivals. So far, they are super sweet and content/laid back. A real plus!
        I saw a link to a blog and I let it go, but I would prefer that you just email me your links and once in a while I highlight the fans’ blogs. It’s fun to share, but it’s not the point of the blog. 🙂 But it’s not like “no links” forever and forever. I’m just afraid that if I start letting fans do this, all of the comments will be mucked up with links to GIFs and stuff like that and I’m not sure that is the best thing.


  1. Random question. in one of the last too milestone books there was one part about a verse saying you don’t need to speak everything that comes to mind do you happen to know a verse that was? I think it might have been in James I’m not sure though.


    1. I did a word search and here is the excerpt from the book:

      “You don’t have to speak every thought that comes to mind,” the preacher had exhorted his flock just last Sunday during the service. He was working his way through the epistle of James, and Andi remembered his admonition. It wasn’t a verse, exactly, but more like a principle. A good one.

      It is not an exact verse from James (as stated in the excerpt above), but rather a principle based on verses in James, like James 1:19 – “Let every man be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger . . .”

      So a preacher could use the “slow to speak” part of the verse to exhort folks to not speak everything that comes to mind.
      Hope that helped.


  2. They are so cute! It’s funny how long their legs are in comparison to their bodies.
    Congrats, ladies! Enjoy your prizes!


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