Rosa Garduno Character Quiz

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And the winner is NATALIE L.

I salute you all. Thanks for sending in so many fun entries! I received 33 entries! Out of those 33, an eleven got 100% (either all right or missing one but filling out the bonus question). Here is an interesting bit of trivia. Those who send in their answers really fast usually miss quite a few (somebody missed 13 out of the 20). However, those who wait a bit and study a bit usually get them all right or miss only 1 or 2. Just a word to the wise.

  1. Hope S.
  2. Kenzie
  3. Lizzy T.
  4. Chille Pod
  5. Ella Grace
  6. Sara M.
  7. Naomi F.
  8. Ruth F.
  9. Natalie L.
  10. Micaiah C.
  11. Jalaena E.

I will create another character quiz next month (April). Here are your choices. Vote in the comments.

  • Johnny Wilson
  • Jed Hatton
  • Katherine Carter Swanson
  • Daniel Carter


This one-of-a-kind Circle C Adventures journal. This design is no longer available for sale. Also included is a Circle C pen and (brand new!) a horse sucker.

How well do you know Rosa?

The book(s) from which you can find the answers are included. Have fun! Here are the answers.

  1. How old is Rosa compared to Andi? (Long Ride Home)
    • A. She is older than Andi.
    • B. She is younger than Andi.
    • C. The girls are the same age.
  2. Where do Rosa and Andi meet for the first time? (Long Ride Home)
    • A. in a mercantile
    • B. in a wagon
    • C. in a small cafe
  3. Who are the members of Rosa’s family? (Long Ride Home)
    • A. Jose, Luisa, Rosa, and Joselito
    • B. Jose, Nila, Rosa, and Joselito
    • C. Jose, Nila, Rosa, and Carlitos
  4. What does Rosa tell Andi their family will have to do if her father cannot find steady work? (Long Ride Home)
    • A. They will have to return to Mexico.
    • B. They will have to follow the crops and work in the fields.
    • C. They will have to sell their wagon and burro.
  5. What has Rosa always wanted, if only she had a few pennies of her own? (Long Ride Home)
    • A. a licorice stick
    • B. a new blouse
    • C. a red ribbon
  6. What does Rosa say when Andi finds a picture of her family in the saddlebags? (Long Ride Home)
    • A. You have a large family!
    • B. You have a nice family.
    • C. You have a beautiful family. (Sorry, the original, tan cover Long Ride Home did not include this extra bit so I gave credit to those who asked about it and showed me screen shots of that super-old book. However, most entries got this question right, so they must have the new Anniversary Edition (not the Expanded edition, which was just published for fun).
  7. What is Rosa’s response when Andi shows her the three dimes she found? (Long Ride Home)
    • A. “We’re rich!”
    • B. “We’d better put it back.”
    • C. “What shall we buy with all that money?”
  8. How do Rosa and her family help Andi after Felicity whips her? (Long Ride Home)
    • A. They agree to send a telegram to the Circle C.
    • B. They stand up for Andi in front of Mr. Livingston.
    • C. They do nothing because they are too frightened.
  9. What happens to Rosa and her family after they are sent away from the Livingston ranch? (Long Ride Home)
    • A. They eventually show up on the Circle C and are offered a job.
    • B. Andi finds them and begs them to come to the Circle C ranch.
    • C. They are deported back to Mexico.
  10. Why is Rosa nervous about going to school? (Dangerous Decision)
    • A. She thinks the other students will make fun of her.
    • B. She won’t be able to understand the teacher.
    • C. She doesn’t think she is smart enough to learn anything.
  11. What does Rosa warn Andi not to do? (Dangerous Decision)
    • A. put a frog in the water dipper
    • B. play baseball
    • C. keep a snake in her desk
  12. Who picks Rosa up after school the day Andi must stay after and copy sentences? (Dangerous Decision)
    • A. her father
    • B. a Circle C ranc hand
    • C. Chad
  13. What does Chad order Rosa to do after he catches the girls in the peach orchard? (Price of Truth)
    • A. to stay away from Andi
    • B. to take Taffy home
    • C. to finish her row of peach picking
  14. What does Rosa suggest Andi do to earn money for her mother’s gift? (Price of Truth)
    • A. Andi should ask Justin to help her out.
    • B. Andi should find a job in town.
    • C. Andi should borrow money from Sid, the Circle C foreman.
  15. Into which business does Rosa refuse to accompany Andi? (Price of Truth)
    • A. the bank
    • B. the mercantile
    • C. the livery stable
  16. What secret does Rosa agree to keep? (Price of Truth)
    • A. that Andi saw a crime take place
    • B. that Andi tried to withdraw money from the bank
    • C. that Andi is working at the mercantile
  17. What does Andi put into Rosa’s safekeeping? (Price of Truth)
    • A. a puppy
    • B. the music box
    • C. Andi’s weekly wages
  18. Why is Rosa no longer Andi’s seatmate at school? (Thick as Thieves)
    • A. She dropped out of school when the work became too difficult.
    • B. She is now fifteen and of marriageable age.
    • C. She has too many responsibilities in the “big house.”
  19. What is the name of the young vaquero who is courting Rosa? (Thick a Thieves)
    • A. Carlos Gomez
    • B. Hector Flores
    • C. Rodrigo de Casa
  20. Where do Rosa and her new husband live? (The Last Ride)
    • A. Rocking M ranch
    • B. Triple L ranch
    • C. Bent Pine ranch

*Bonus Question*

I have collected three wonderful “visions” for Rosa. All of them are awesome. So, which is the “real” Rosa in your eyes? #1 – Rosa from the cover of Price of Truth? #2 -Rosa from the Look-a-like contest Round One? or #3 – Rosa from the Look-a-like contest Round Two? I love them all!

Most people picked #1, the original cover picture. Yay! Since there is nothing I can do about it anyway.

Published by Andi Carter

I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

117 thoughts on “Rosa Garduno Character Quiz

  1. Thanks for another fun Character Quiz Mrs. M!! I really hope you get enough entries this time so you can keep doing these!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Copy that email and go to yours and hit ‘Compose’. You can paste it in the place where it asks for the email of the person, you’re sending it to. Write your answers in and send it. That’s how I do it. 🙂 Does that make sense?


    1. I dunno. Hardly any are coming in with right answers. Not sure why not unless fans are just guessing without taking the time to find the answers in the books. Only one entry even qualifies so far, and nobody has gotten 100 percent right yet


  2. Any hints on question 20? lol I just can’t find it! I have searched the book and I’m still not seeing it. LOL
    I have a good idea on what ranch they live at but I wanted to double check!


    1. In order to give a hint I would have to go back to the book myself and figure out what chapter the answer is in. Sorry, I just don’t have time to do that. Giving the book for each question is already a huge hint. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mrs. M, I have the original version and in Chapter seven when she pulls the photo out, she quickly stuffs it in her waistband and all Rosa says is “anything else?” That isn’t an option on question 6.
        Question 6. What does Rosa say when Andi finds a picture of her family in the saddlebags? (Long Ride Home)
        A. You have a large family!
        B. You have a nice family.
        C. You have a beautiful family.


      2. I have no more copies of the original Long Ride Home so I can’t check it for you. I just know it’s at the end of the chapter. I thought it was in both, but it’s been almost 20 years since I wrote the first version and I don’t have anything to check it. Here’s what you need to do. take a picture of that part of the chapter in the book and email it with your answers. I’ll count it no matter which answer you choose if the original truly doesn’t have Rosa’s response. Hope that helps!


  3. This one is hard!
    Why is Rosa nervous about going to school? (Dangerous Decision)
    A. She thinks the other students will make fun of her.
    B. She won’t be able to understand the teacher.
    C. She doesn’t think she is smart enough to learn anything.

    I found the chapter where is says it. All of them could be right…


    1. Sure, you can ask. But it doesn’t seem to be any one question. These are actually really easy questions because they are taken right out of the book. No trick questions (I don’t do trick questions). It’s meant to be so easy that if you read the book you can find the answers, especially when I give you the name of the book in which you can find the answer. The only thing that might be an issue is question 6. Some folks say they have the original Long Ride Home and none of the answers are in that chapter. I don’t know. I don’t have any copies of that book any longer so I can’t look it up.


    1. How so? Rosa is either older, younger, or the same age as Andi regardless of the books. Unless you can find specifically where I wrote it wrong and I switched ages around? If so, In which book?


  4. I’ve been re-reading the book where Rosa goes to school and I can not find it! (thinking face)
    I found a place where it says Andi is afraid that Rosa will get teased and Andi shouts ”unfair’.
    I found a place where Rosa is worried she won’t understand English.
    And I found a place where Andi tells Rose she is so smart and will catch up fast in her lessons.

    Maybe I’m just in the wrong chapter?
    I am totally clueless about which one it can be! lol


    1. I guess these quizzes are too hard and I should not do them anymore. I want them to be fun but so many ask so many questions that it’s taking so much work to try and answer them. 👀🤪


      1. I think everyone is extra nervous because you said earlier that a lot of people are missing questions, thus the overthinking.


      2. I surely hope you will keep doing these quizzes!!!! 😀
        Maybe every two or three months you could do one…! That would be better than none at all! 🙂
        They are a ton of fun!! 😀

        Liked by 2 people

  5. I have both copies of Long Ride Home, but the answer is in the original book. The expanded edition actually doesn’t have the answer. Just thought I’d let everyone know. 🙂


  6. I sent in my answers. I really hope you can continue doing these quizzes, they are so much fun!!!!!


  7. Also just a suggestion for anybody who wnts to keep doing these CQ’s u could send an email to anbody u know that knows about andi carters blog and tell them that they shpould do the CQ or ask them if they entered!


  8. Congratulations Natalie! 🥳
    We get to keep doing these!!! Yay!!!!!! 🥳
    Good job to everyone who got 100%!


  9. You should totally do Johnny Wilson!
    Thanks for doing these Character Quizzes, they’re soooo much fun!!


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