Name Scarlett’s New Colt

This contest has ended. Stay tuned for the winner and the colt’s new name!

Note: This is a time-sensitive contest (5 days). My daughter is anxious to name and register the big guy. So this naming contest runs from Thursday, March 30 and closes Monday, April 3, @ 5pm Pacific Time. Winner announced on Wednesday, April 4. Kristel and her ten-year-old daughter, Kristi, will pick the name. Make it a good one, fans! He will be half-registered because of his sire, Rubicon.

It’s time to name the new arrival. Remember last June, when I hosted a naming contest for Minnie Mae’s new colt? Here is that post >> “Colton” was the winning name.

The new colt is a palomino with no blazes or socks. Pure palomino coloring (which will turn golden in a year) and a cream mane and tail, which will most likely turn white in a year. Palomino foals are not much to look at the first few months, but this little guy will be super flashy when he gets his color. Here are a couple of pictures of him.

It is very important to leave your email address before you submit your comment and name suggestion. Two entries tied in the Colton contest, but Patience W. never left an email address so sadly, I could not contact her, so she did not reap the benefits of choosing the winning name “Colton” (along with Donvan, the other winner). So, don’t forget to follow the rules for posting your name.


My daughter and her family will choose the name they like best from your suggestions. This will be the stable name. The foal has a fancy, registered name that must follow certain protocols, but nobody will ever call the foal by the registered name. That’s why he needs a fun nickname (stable name). The winner will receive the following prizes: Color by Number set✏️ 40 beautiful pony stickers 🐎and a fun pair of horse socks. (If a boy wins, he can gift the socks to a sister.) 🧦

If two or more entries choose the same name, I will have a random drawing to determine the winner. So, a word to the wise. Try not to duplicate another entry’s submission. It only decreases your chances of winning.

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192 thoughts on “Name Scarlett’s New Colt

  1. Elon — He was a judge in the Bible (Judges 12:11-15) who had 40 sons and 30 grandsons. You could call him Lonnie for short.

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  2. He is so cute. I am going to say……..Buttermilk. I thought his color looks like butter. Thanks, Mrs.M, contests are so much fun!!! Y’all names are great!! Good Luck!

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  3. Oh wow!! These are some awesome names!! (might take a few for rabbit names!! LOL) I don’t know how you’ll pick!!
    I have thought a couple names that I think would suit him but they have been said already so I’ll just pick another! 😀

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  4. Ranger

    Ranger is home on the range and a free spirited little fella! Also the name of one of our beloved livestock guardian dogs:)

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      1. Oh, I wasn’t meaning to suggest Sunny. I was just saying it was a good idea to the person who suggested it. I’m still going with Diamond. Sorry about that!


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