Make a Miner’s Stove

Here’s a fun activity that really works. But first, let’s find out what a gold-rush miner was and why he needed a “miner’s stove.” Hang on for a scary ride into the dark! The Midas mine in Goldtown (Goldtown Adventures) is a “hard-rock mine.” In this type of gold mine, the gold is embedded (stuck)Continue reading “Make a Miner’s Stove”

Finishing Schools – Part 1

Find more “Blast from the Past” posts in Andi’s Attic >> Winter 1881 There are two kinds of “city” schools during my time. The schools for the regular, public-school children, are pretty much like those of any public school in the 1880s. Some are divided into grades. Some are small and one-room, like the schoolContinue reading “Finishing Schools – Part 1”


Read more journal entries in Andi’s Attic >> Andi’s Journal March 1891 Somebody asked me if–living in California and all–I’ve ever experienced an earthquake. Let’s think about that a minute. California. Earthquake. Hmm . . . That would be a “yes,” I have. *scary* The picture at the top shows what Aunt Rebecca’s house lookedContinue reading “Earthquake!”

Is There a Serpent in Bear Lake?

Find more Blasts from the Past in Andi’s Attic >> A few years ago, Live4Him asked if there really was such a thing as the ninety-foot serpent Bryce described around the campfire in Heartbreak Trail. Below is his story, excerpted from the book. Below the excerpt are the facts Mrs. M learned when researching the story.Continue reading “Is There a Serpent in Bear Lake?”