Behind the Scenes in Chinatown

Andi’s, Jenny’s, and Lin Mei’s adventures in Chinatown, San Francisco, in 1881 match some of the true history behind the “smugglers” and slave traders in the book San Francisco Smugglers. I did a ton of research to get everything right about that. While an author uses about 10% of their research in the actual novel,Continue reading “Behind the Scenes in Chinatown”

Make a Miner’s Stove

Here’s a fun activity that really works. But first, let’s find out what a gold-rush miner was and why he needed a “miner’s stove.” Hang on for a scary ride into the dark! The Midas mine in Goldtown (Goldtown Adventures) is a “hard-rock mine.” In this type of gold mine, the gold is embedded (stuck)Continue reading “Make a Miner’s Stove”

Finishing Schools – Part 1

Find more “Blast from the Past” posts in Andi’s Attic >> Winter 1881 There are two kinds of “city” schools during my time. The schools for the regular, public-school children, are pretty much like those of any public school in the 1880s. Some are divided into grades. Some are small and one-room, like the schoolContinue reading “Finishing Schools – Part 1”


Read more journal entries in Andi’s Attic >> Andi’s Journal March 1891 Somebody asked me if–living in California and all–I’ve ever experienced an earthquake. Let’s think about that a minute. California. Earthquake. Hmm . . . That would be a “yes,” I have. *scary* The picture at the top shows what Aunt Rebecca’s house lookedContinue reading “Earthquake!”