A Stay in San Francisco

This post first appeared in Andi’s old blog in 2013. Hope asked how much it would cost to spend the night in San Francisco at the Palace Hotel. She was curious because Thick as Thieves mentions that Andi’s brother Justin and his fiancée, Lucy, are married in San Francisco after the book ends. Read moreContinue reading “A Stay in San Francisco”

Feliz Quinceañera, Andi!

Find more Blasts from the Past in Andi’s Attic >> In Heartbreak Trail, the subject of my fifteenth birthday comes up quite suddenly. Mother asks me what I would like to do for my quinceañera. It’s possible that some of you have never heard that Spanish word before. Quince means “fifteen,” and the añera comes from año, the word the means “years.” I knowContinue reading “Feliz Quinceañera, Andi!”

Greetings from Alcatraz

Find more Riley’s Ramblings in Andi’s Attic >> Fort Alcatraz, January 1877 My birthday was yesterday. I’m eleven now, and my only birthday wish is that I could be back on the Circle C ranch. Or maybe back at the Presidio. I’m standing at the top of the Alcatraz lighthouse. You can see everything fromContinue reading “Greetings from Alcatraz”

These Gals Are My Heroines

Find more Blasts from the Past in Andi’s Attic >> I worked hard to find newspaper clippings about these daring women of the Old West. I think learning about them helped convince my mother to let me go along on the cattle drive (Heartbreak Trail sample chapters). I can’t wait to introduce you to aContinue reading “These Gals Are My Heroines”

Aunt Rebecca’s Rules for Gentlemen

Find more Blasts from the Past in Andi’s Attic >> It was old and wrinkled, but Justin handed me a list of rules Aunt Rebecca compiled for him, Chad, and Mitch many years ago. It’s nice to know I’m not the only Carter child she picks on. My dear nephews, If you will take theseContinue reading “Aunt Rebecca’s Rules for Gentlemen”

Aunt Rebecca’s Rules for Ladies

Find more Blasts from the Past in Andi’s Attic >> Lucky me (not)! Aunt Rebecca has gone to a lot of trouble to copy down a few rules for ladies, in case my mother has been remiss in educating me in “proper” behavior.Have I any hope of following these rules, or will I constantly beContinue reading “Aunt Rebecca’s Rules for Ladies”