Aunt Rebecca’s Rules for Gentlemen

Find more Blasts from the Past in Andi’s Attic >> It was old and wrinkled, but Justin handed me a list of rules Aunt Rebecca compiled for him, Chad, and Mitch many years ago. It’s nice to know I’m not the only Carter child she picks on. My dear nephews, If you will take theseContinue reading “Aunt Rebecca’s Rules for Gentlemen”

Aunt Rebecca’s Rules for Ladies

Find more Blasts from the Past in Andi’s Attic >> Lucky me (not)! Aunt Rebecca has gone to a lot of trouble to copy down a few rules for ladies, in case my mother has been remiss in educating me in “proper” behavior.Have I any hope of following these rules, or will I constantly beContinue reading “Aunt Rebecca’s Rules for Ladies”

Chinatown’s Avenging Angel

Find more Blasts from the Past in Andi’s Attic >> Mrs. M wrote this story for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine in November 2012, not long after San Francisco Smugglers was published. She did so much research into the slave trade during that day that Mrs. M could not keep the results to herself. Although AndiContinue reading “Chinatown’s Avenging Angel”

Andi’s Journal-The Black Beast

See more journal entries in Andi’s Attic >> Summer, 1886 My family (Mother, Luisa, and Nila) cook on a wood cookstove. Most were black but some were fancier. The Carter house has a fancy cookstove, and the Carter women all know how to run it perfectly. Fresh-baked bread, light cakes, sugar cookies, a beef roast. Mother,Continue reading “Andi’s Journal-The Black Beast”