Aunt Rebecca and the Hat

This free audio story is set two years after the events in Andi’s Indian Summer, Andi is now eight years old. Aunt Rebecca has come for another of her unwelcome visits. This time she brings Melinda and Andi the latest fashion, huge, oversized hats. Listen to this 8-minute audio story right here on line orContinue reading “Aunt Rebecca and the Hat”

Prince Loco, Chad’s Crazy Horse

Listen to more audio short stories in Andi’s Attic >> Mrs. M is narrating her own Andi short stories (from Tales from the Circle C Ranch). My awesome narrator, Annette Romano, narrates the “perfect” novels, which are very long! The two new Milestones short-story collections are over nine hours each! Check them out here. NewContinue reading “Prince Loco, Chad’s Crazy Horse”