Mini-Mae’s Countdown

Everybody asks about Mini-Mae. It seems she has been in foal for years. Although her udder has filled, she is not interested in delivering a mini-mini-baby any time soon. She was supposed to drop her foal before Mrs. M went home to Washington. This did not happen. She is fat, fat, fat!

So, when do you think the foal will be born? Check out the pictures and make your guess in the comments: 1) Date and 2) colt or filly? Whoever is the closest wins a fun Circle C flashlight keychain. In the event of a tie, I will do a random drawing. Don’t forget to include your first name! (Yes, I know it might get complicated, like “right date but wrong gender” or “wrong gender but closest to the date,” etc. I’ll work it out and maybe have to do a drawing or something.

Also “4 or 5 days from now” is not a valid guess.

Earlier this winter, Mini-Mae had her beautiful silver dapple coloring (winter coat). Yes, she has been pregnant since we got her back in late November (even felt movement). That is a clue for her delivery date. Yeah, right.

Now? Boring brown is the color of the last two months. And yes, this is the very same mini-pony! She is so ready to POP! And so not as pretty as she was last winter. The silver is gone and all you can see are dark “dapples” against boring brown.

Not a happy pregnant mare.
There is one BIG foal in there!

But they are checking her every day!

Now, her dapples have almost vanished. And where oh where is that foal? This picture was taken just last week. (I will spare you the pictures of the filling udder.)

So, take your best guess. I will add to this post as soon as the foal is born!

And guess what! My daughter just told me the Andi fans can name the foal! So, after she or he is born, we’ll put on another naming contest. Then I’ll do poll to choose the top 3 names. Then I’ll let Kristi (the mini-horse’s “owner”) choose from those three. It will be fun!

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I'm the main character in the Circle C Adventures series. I live on a huge cattle ranch in 1880s California. These are my adventures.

128 thoughts on “Mini-Mae’s Countdown

      1. Yes I think they are lots of fun!! I have gotten a couple of the quizzes right just wasn’t picked. πŸ˜‰


    1. Even if you did win, you would not have gotten a prize because I have no email address for you on any of your comments (a special box to put it in before you comment).


      1. But you did not put any email address in the box when you comments (not in the COMMENT), and I only give prizes to people I can contact by email.


    1. This entry has no name and no way to contact you if you guess correctly. You MUST include an email address when you comment (but not in the comment). There is a place to do that and it only shows up for me.


      1. Wow! sounds like shes getting close! Probably will be tomorrow!!!
        you mean its leaking through the teats? it didnt actually explode did it??

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Gotcha haha! can’t wait to see pics of the baby when it’s born!

        We are thinking of breeding my horse!!


    1. No, but even if you win, I will not be able to contact you because when you commented, you never filled in the box for your email address, and I will only give prizes to people I can contact by email. (but you should not put your email in the actual comment). There is a box for it, though, ,when you are commenting.


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