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Congratulations! Jalaena is the winner of the Macy Character Quiz. She has 48 hours to respond to the email I sent her, or if she sees it here she can let me know in the comments (but I will still need her to email with her mailing address).

Next Month’s Character Quiz: Three-way tie (between comments and emails) between Ellie Coulter, Elizabeth Carter, and Rebecca Carter. So I broke the tie. November’s character quiz (November 16 unless I need to switch it around) is REBECCA CARTER. Don’t ask what the prize it. You can wait and see.


Winner receives a 10″x8″ heavy-duty Andi and Taffy jigsaw puzzle.

I had two dozen entries. For those who like to know, here are the 100% entries (or who missed one but got the bonus answer correct).

  • Lizzy D.
  • Kate D.
  • Sophie T.
  • Anaiah B.
  • Meena S.
  • Hannah F.
  • Amanda
  • Emma A.
  • Genevieve W.
  • Abigail F.
  • Heather J.
  • Heidi J.
  • Ruth Anne F.
  • Ellie B.
  • Jalaena
  • Chris R.

Answers to the Macy Walker Quiz

  1. What is Cory Blake’s first impression of Macy Walker?
    • A. He grins and teases Andi about wearing overalls like Macy.
    • B. He whispers, “We’re in for a show.”
    • C. He sighs and mutters, “Oh boy,” before trying to ignore her.
  2. How old is Macy at the beginning of Thick as Thieves?
    • A. a month from her fourteenth birthday
    • B. twelve and a half
    • C. barely thirteen
  3. Who is the first person Macy hits in Thick as Thieves?
    • A. Cory Blake
    • B. Andi Carter
    • C. Jack Goodwin
  4. What book does Andi give Macy early on in Thick as Thieves?
    • A. McGuffey’s reader
    • B. the Blue-Backed Speller
    • C. Webster’s grammar
  5. Whose doll does Macy take away?
    • A. Sarah’s
    • B. Cindy’s
    • C. Bethany’s
  6. What does Macy put under Andi’s saddle?
    • A. a nail
    • B. a tack
    • C. a burr
  7. In front of which saloon does Andi find Macy?
    • A. the Diamond Drink
    • B. the Crystal Palace
    • C. the Silver Spur
  8. Which of Macy’s brothers encourages the fight between his sister and Andi after Taffy’s runaway incident?
    • A. Ty
    • B. Jase
    • C. Rudy
  9. What does Macy say about the letters of the alphabet?
    • A. “They look all a jumble when they’re squished together.”
    • B. There ain’t no reason for all them things!”
    • C. “Why’s anybody want to come up with somethin’ like that?”
  10. Which of Macy’s brothers does she ignore, and he ignores her?
    • A. Ty
    • B. Jase
    • C. Rudy
  11. What happened to Macy’s father?
    • A. He ran off with another woman after his first wife died.
    • B. He was killed in a hunting accident.
    • C. He died from an injury from the War Between the States.
  12. During the night when she stays at the Circle C, Macy sneaks off. Where does she go?
    • A. to the kitchen
    • B. to the barn
    • C. to the colts’ paddock
  13. What does Macy make Andi promise before she tells her where Shasta and Sunny are?
    • A. to never tell anyone
    • B. to help her rescue the colts
    • C. to have Mitch stand up to Ty
  14. Macy tells Andi where the colts are. Where are they?
    • A. Millerton
    • B. Red Valley Creek
    • C. Rock Canyon
  15. What is the Walker brothers’ motto?
    • A. “The only good snake is a dead snake.”
    • B. “Ain’t nobody gonna fight your battles for ya.”
    • C. “If folks can’t look out for their stock, they don’t deserve to keep ‘em.”
  16. What does Macy suggest her brothers do with Andi after they capture her?
    • A. beat her up and leave her in the cabin
    • B. hold her for ransom
    • C. let her go because she isn’t any use to them
  17. What does Macy do when Rudy bothers Andi, and after Andi bites his hand?
    • A. Macy points a knife at him.
    • B. Macy kicks him.
    • C. Macy watches silently from safely out of reach.
  18. Where does Macy take Andi to escape the Walker brothers?
    • A. into a corral
    • B. into a crack in the canyon wall
    • C. into a swampy marsh
  19. Which brother does Macy threaten to shoot near the end of Thick as Thieves?
    • A. Ty
    • B. Jase
    • C. Rudy
  20. Where will Macy’s new home be at the end of Thick as Thieves?
    • A. with Andi on the Circle C ranch
    • B. with her brothers in Nevada as soon as they can get away
    • C. in Arkansas with Aunt Hester

Bonus Question. Which horse does Andi give Macy as a thank-you for helping get her colts back? SUNNY

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    1. If there is a difference, always, always go with the book. That is the official “truth.” The blog is subject to me being in a hurry sometimes and I can’t remember details. LOL However, I didn’t read anything in the Behind the Scenes on Macy that would have answered #2. The bio on the tab doesn’t mention how old she is when Andi meets her (but I did read fast).


  1. Hey Mrs. Marlow! Did you get my answers. I didn’t get a replay when normally you confirm and I’m not seeing it in my sent email files?


  2. we cant still send in answers today right?
    I had my email all filled out and i never hit send, haha
    i understand tho if you cant


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